Wireless Sensors node circuit & system Design

7-8th December, 2015

KEDEA Conference Hall
WSN Analog RFFinished Free
Role Name Affiliation Presentation Title
keynote Peter Baumgartner Intel Germany Characterization and modeling of advanced RFCMOS technologies for wireless communication circuits
keynote Marise Bafleur LAAS-CNRS France Energy Harvesting For Wireless Sensors In Aeronautics Applications: From Dream To Reality
host Thomas Noulis Auth Mobile Communications SoCs Substrate Crosstalk Sensing
invited Fotis Plessas UoTh Analog Interface Design
invited Savvas Sgourenas UoP High Speed CMOS Phase-Locked Loop Design
invited Errikos Lourandakis Helic S.A. Microwave Measurements and Device Characterization – Does it matter?
invited Giorgos Sirakoulis UoT Bioinspired Models and Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks Design and Applications
invited Manolis Zervakis ESS S.A. Challenges faced during development of MEMS based sensor systems
invited Theodoros Samaras Auth Radiation propagation and absorption assessment in the design of wireless body area networks (WBANs)
invited Nikos Vassiliadis Theon Sensors S.A. Enchanced vision with thermal and intensified imaging
invited Vasilis Kapinas Auth Physical Layer Techniques for Spectrum Sensing and Sharing in Cognitive Radio Networks
invited Demetres Stordopoulos TribesWearables From hardware prototyping process to product release
host Alkis Hatzopoulos Auth IEEE Greece CASS/SSCS joint Chapter
invited Eftichis Koutroulis TUoC System- and circuit-level optimization of photovoltaic power supply systems for autonomous wireless sensor networks

Presentation Specifications:

  • keynote presentations - duration 45min + 15min for Q & A, slides on pptx or pdf form
  • invited presentations - duration 20min , slides on pptx or pdf form