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A team devoted to innovation

About WiSeInno

A Team Devoted to Innovation

WiSeInno is a non-profit platform of the Electronics Lab of Physics Department(AUTH) focusing on Semiconductors Innovation actions in the field of Chip Design, Wireless Sensor Node Systems, Communication Technology and Connectivity. WiSeInno is devoted to spreading ideas in the form of powerful talks, technology presentations, publications and technology innovation projects. In WiSeInno Science, Technology and Fun are converged.

We organise various events throughout the year voluntarily !

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Our Team

Together Everyone Achieve More

Dimitrios Strantsalis


Freideriki Markella Liakou

Social Media Manager / Author

Kosmas Ziogas

Technical Topics Manager

Despoina Karra

Support Engineer/ Author

Iro Varvara Alvanou

Blog Editor

Thomas Noulis

Founder/Semiconductors Professional